[EHR Incentive Programs]  While the denominator for measures used to calculate meaningful use in the Medicare and Medicaid Electronic Health Records (EHR) Incentive Programs is restricted to patients seen during the EHR reporting period, is the numerator also restricted to activity during the EHR reporting period or can actions for certain meaningful use measures be counted in the numerator if they took place after the EHR reporting period has ended?

The criteria for a numerator is not constrained to the EHR reporting period unless expressly stated in the numerator statement for a given meaningful use measure. The numerator for the following meaningful use measures should include only actions that take place within the EHR reporting period:  Preventive Care (Patient Reminders) and Secure Electronic Messaging.

For all other meaningful use measures, the actions may reasonably fall outside the EHR reporting period timeframe but must take place no earlier than the start of the reporting year and no later than the date of attestation in order for the patients to be counted in the numerator, unless a longer look-back period is specifically indicated for the objective or measure.

Created on 4/26/2013

Updated on 6/23/2014