To create a attestation record, click the "Begin New Attestation" button. This will open the new attestation wizard form. The various parts of this attestation wizard are:

1. Wizard Progress Indicator

Indicates the progress status of the new attestation

2. Begin Your Attestation

Contains required fields to submit an attestation with CMS

3. Navigation Buttons

Actions include Cancel, Previous and Next

1. Wizard Progress Indicator

The green indicates that Wizard section is completed. The larger image indicates the active Wizard section

2. Title of Measures

This indicates what active section of the Wizard the user is accessing measures

3. Measure Link

This link provides access to CMS measure documentation indicating objective, description and reporting requirements

4. Performance Met

This indicates if the measure passes or fails based on the CMS threshold. The green arrow indicates pass and the red x indicates fail

5. Self-Reported Selection

Required for measures that are self-reported

1. Wizard Progress Indicator

All green indicates every step in the wizard is completed

2. Confirm Submission

Once the wizard is completed the submission confirmation is displayed. This summarizes the hospital settings entered

3. Navigation Buttons

The navigation buttons are different on the wizard confirmation screen. Actions include Cancel, Previous, Save & Exit and Save & Lock.

  • Save & Exit: This option will save all your work completed in the wizard while keeping the attestation record open for future modifications.
  • Save & Lock: This option will save all your work completed in the wizard and then lock the attestation record permanently. No reportable measures can be updated after the lock, only supporting documentation is open to modifications.