OneView Release Notes

What's New in OneView

Release Date: Friday, May 17, 2013

New Features and Enhancements:

Alerting: A new feature has been added to allow users the ability to receive data driven alerts based on report data rules. Users create rules that identify performance rate values, performance periods, recurrence period for sending the alert email, and specific email recipients of the alert.

In addition, OneView provides an Alert Manager to view information about your alert and delete and edit your alerts.

Reporting: New validation reports have been added to allow users to directly access rather than by linking from the Stroke or VTE detail reports. The new report appears under the Validation category, and allows users to provide a Measure Name (STK-4, VTE-2, etc.) and a single patient account number, and then display the Patient Summary report.

ED Reports: Enhancements have been made to represent numerator and denominator as whole numbers to be consistent with CMS attestation filing requirements.

Manage Dictionaries: New dictionary management capabilities have been added for Preliminary Cause of Death, Last Known Well Unknown, Decision to Admit, Elective Carotid and Diagnostic Testing, and IV Sub Routes of administration.

Meaningful Use Package:

MSM-5: Some patients that should be considered may have been excluded because they did not have any multiple query types documented. The logic has been updated to include these patients in the measure.

CM-1: Updated orders logic to no longer include Unverified, Cancelled, and Uncollected statuses. In addition, enhancements were made to logic for order source field.

STK: Enhancements made to exclusions for Elective Carotid Admit Priority.

VTE Exclusions: Enhancement made to Orders logic to remove join to a single query table where there are multiple query tables.


Reporting: Updated Patient Summary report to refer to all Inpatient Observation patients as Observation.

Manage Dictionaries: Corrected JavaScript error issue.

Corrected issue with Manage Dictionaries saving CM Discharge Instruction.

Corrected issue with Manage Dictionaries using the correct OE Source.

Hospital Settings: Resolved issue with the Hospital Settings form saving an empty string in the Facility field. The change prevents the empty string from getting saved to the database.

Subscriptions: Corrected issue with report parameters not rendering properly.

Corrected issue with invalid data range error message for subscription period.

Meaningful Use Package:

Corrected issue for Mechanical Prophylaxis in Nursing.

Corrected issues for database references in install script.

Corrected issue in archive job to only maintain archive history when the archive flag is set true.

Corrected issue with the MSM-3 count for Blood Bank.

Corrected issue with invalid column name in MSM-3 and MSM-6.

Corrected issue with invalid table reference to VTE for OE Order and Order Source.

Corrected issue with ED Median Time calculation to exclude OBS/MH.

Corrected issue with overlap days for VTE.

Corrected issue with STK data population.