OneView Hospital Quality Release Notes

What's New in OneView Hospital Quality 4.1.14

Release Date: Tuesday, January 10, 2016

New Features and Enhancements:

Submission Wizard: Acmeware has enhanced the OneView submission wizard to automate the generation of QRDA reports for electronic submission and audit compliance. Submission Wizard updates to include the ability to download QRDA category 1 reports by reporting period. In addition, the following features are available.

  • Submission Wizard includes Audit Compliance data by submission reporting period.
  • Submission Wizard includes Joint Commission – Healthcare Organization ID (HCO ID) for organization participating in ORYX.
  • Submission Wizard includes QRDA reports including all patients downloadable as a zip file.

Below is a link to the Submission Wizard Help Guide

New Features/Enhancements:

  • Submission Wizard
    • Added new archive tables related to new data captured and enhanced archive process for QRDA exporting.
    • Objective measure archive reports changed to reflect measures selected during attestation wizard.
  • Manage Dictionaries:
    • Added order category to dictionary for resuscitation orders.
  • OneView Updates
    • A new service has been added to OneView to assist with managing the software product including diagnostics, alerting, activities and updates.


  • Objective Measures:
    • For Obj-8b, changed percent to patient based for Obj-8b measure threshold.

  • Clinical Quality Measures:
    • Fixed bug for time calculations for some patients who were in ED measure populations but no minutes were showing for patients.
    • Corrected issue with contras for Medications administered where not all meds were correctly being contraindicated.
    • For ED measures, Mental health coming from abstracted data for ICD codes, was only being set on IN visit and not ER visit.
    • Corrected issue with SourceID for Initial population needing to be MRI/HIM for report changes to work.
    • Corrected code to get correct data when multiple site's data is gathered in compile.
    • Edited date range pulled for NB data; added new table for 2016 measures selected for OM and CQM data.

  • QRDA Service:
    • Corrected field name when writing to new demographic table for QRDA reports.
    • Corrected issues with QRDA data items having a start date greater than end date.