OneView Application Release Notes

What's New in OneView Application 4.1.13

Release Date: Friday, December 2, 2016

New Features and Enhancements:

Electronic submission:  Acmeware has enhanced the OneView QRDA service that automates the generation of summary and detail level reporting on patient populations with QRDA reports. We have checked the validity of the QRDA Category I and Category III reports using Cypress and the PSVA tool. The data contained in a QRDA report represent eCQM data in a standard format that can be automatically consumed and submitted to CMS and The Joint Commission ORYX. QRDA Category III reports contain aggregate eCQM data from individual patient data in QRDA Category I reports. OneView supports QRDA reports for Meaningful Use, IQR and ORYX using the June 2015 NLM Value Set Authority Center specifications.

Submission Wizard: The ability to create submission for 2016 has been disabled until the next release. Due to some significant changes to the way OneView locks submissions, we have disabled the lock functionality and this feature will be reinstated in the next release.

Customer Support Portal:  Acmeware has launched a new, web-based customer support portal. You can create new OneView report requests and other service issues using the system, as well as see the status and all relevant communication about your support tickets.  While use of the portal is optional, as we remain available via telephone and email, we’ve found that the new system has helped us improve our communication with clients, as well as more easily organize their report requests, issues, and questions.  

For more information about the new system and new user registration use the following link.  

OneView Package Dependencies:

  • Hospital Quality version 4.1.13
  • Physician Quality version 4.1.6