Version 4.1.16

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OneView Hospital Quality Release Notes

What's New in OneView Hospital Quality 4.1.16

Release Date: Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Acmeware is pleased to announce that our OneView Hospital Quality package version 4.1.16 is available for general release.  Version 4.1.16 adds new validation and mapping reports to aid users in the validation process.  

Please review our introduction help guide of OneView 4.1.16 Release including dictionary management and reporting.  The help guide will highlight the tools OneView has available to assist in your measure validation process.

Here's a summary of what's new in this update:

New Features and Enhancements:

Web Application:


Clinical Quality Measures:


Web Application:


Objective Measures:

Clinical Quality Measures:

Explanation of ED changes

Encounter Begin/End:

Due to the observation status events not being eligible to count toward the activity during ED (or any other eCQM logic), we make the ED Encounter End date = the time the patient went to observation status, if that is their first change from ED status.  If they did not get put under observation and went straight to being admitted as INP, then we make the ED Encounter End date = admit date.  According to CMS, this would align the submissions for anyone participating in the Hospital Quality programs.

Facility location arrival/depart:

The facility location arrival/depart dates are inside the Encounter QRDA-1 template and are used to calculate the median times for these measures.  In preliminary QRDA testing done earlier this year, we noticed the Cypress testing tool had the same dates for the Encounter begin/end as they did for the facility location arrival/depart dates. 

Cypress website

Category: Certification Testing

Cypress is an open source certification testing tool for evaluating the accuracy of clinical quality measure calculations in electronic health records (EHRs) systems and EHR modules. Cypress enables testing of an EHR’s ability to accurately calculate eCQMs.

We retested the QRDA output with the updated Cypress tool (this includes any QRDA bug fixes that have been issued this year), along with the addendum value sets for Q4.  In doing so, our retest included changes to the original QRDA output we had for ED measures with updates to the calculations for median times using the facility location arrival/depart dates.  The changes will be reflected in the measure calculations for ED median times in the OneView report as well (see screenshot at end of this document).

EXAMPLE (for patients admitted from ER):


Current logic:

4.1.16 Release change:

Report Example:

Updates have been made to reflect the changes to the ED Encounter Begin End and ED location arrival/depart dates.