OneView Release Notes

What's New in OneView

Release Date: Thursday, October 16, 2014

New Features and Enhancements:

Meaningful Use Package:

  • Reporting:
    • ALL Stages:
      • Includes the latest Core and Menu set Measure Thresholds for fiscal year 2015 (10/01/2014 - 09/30/2015).
    • Patient List Reporting:
      • Updated the Patient Report List logic to enhance the report performance and remove empty values returning as a result of JOIN logic.
      • Updated Patient List report audit compliance to include hospital Logo in the header, patient data generated from MEDITECH in header, data range in header and execution date/time in the footer.
  • Calculation Engine:
    • Clinical Quality Measures:
      • ALL Versions: Performance enhancement has been added to the RegAccountQueries and QueriesMult to be pulled in pre-compile step, so as not to use these tables multiple times.
      • ALL Versions: Performance enhancement has been added to limit the results returned when a date was mapped to a value set.  Now returning the first code in the set instead of all codes.
      • ALL Versions: Added enhancement to use, if needed, where sites used negative case mapping so as not to miss any Nomenclature Mappings.
      • ALL Versions: Added performance enhancement by adding value set name for STK and VTE Risk sections, as well as adding response = 'Y' if query was a Y/N type.



  • Attestation:
    • Fixed issue with the Attestation Vault view dictionary not displaying all dictionaries items for the attestation reporting period.
    • Fixed issue with the Attestation Wizard not locking.
    • Corrected an issue with the Attestation Vault where the view attestation data report was missing CQM data report numbers.
    • When a user locks the Attestation using the Attestation Wizard the full process of archiving all data could take more than 30 minutes to complete. The application connection timeout has been increased to accommodate various processing times with the Attestation locking.

Meaningful Use Package:

  • Reporting:
    • Stage 2:
      • CM-12: Corrected issue with Attestation Archive report not calculating CM-12(b) correctly.
    • Clinical Quality Measures:
      • Corrected issue to the Report Summary so CQM ‘PC’ measure group is available.
  • Calculation Engine:
    • Stage 1:
      • CM-1 (MAT): Added Missing check for MOSM.CosignDefaultSource = 'Y' in numerator computation.
      • CM-3: Corrected errors where NULL value could be in Item or Value Field of the population details table.
      • CM-4: Corrected issues with NULL Values inserted into the data population details table.
      • CM-5: Corrected issue by adding ISNULL for Coded AllergyNames in Details table.
      • CM-11: Corrected References to CM-6 where it should have been to CM-11 in population details tables.
      • CM-1, CM-3, CM-4, CM-5: Population logic has been updated to IsNull(P.ErArrivalDateTime, P.AdmitDateTime) AS MeasureDateTime for capturing measure date and time.
    • Stage 2:
      • MSM-3: Completed code for capturing details for MAGIC version using ITS instead of $T RAD.
    • Clinical Quality Measures:
      • ALL Versions (VTE): Corrected some VTE-1 flags with date criteria (was missing <= 1day after Admit); previously said during visit. The flags should all say LTEQ 1 day.  
      • ALL Versions (VTE): VTE-1 missing flag for General Anesthesia. Added flag and corrected VTE-1 Numerator logic.
      • ALL Versions: Corrected start date for date calculation for admin of antithrombotics for 2 flags.
      • ALL Versions: Added from and thru dates to pass to flags for visit level items needing report date parameters for flag calculations.
      • ALL Versions (VTE, STK): Corrected value conversion error:  STK Risk uses score of ‘0’ and VTE a value of ‘Low’, therefore separated into two sections to avoid error. Changed RSK assessment flags to pull VTE and STK separately due to value conversion error.
      • ALL Versions (VTE, STK): Created separate flags instead of using one flag for ‘Written Info Given’ for both STK and VTE measures.
      • ALL Versions: Corrected prefix in join on VisitID from AVCQM to AVCQ.
      • ALL Versions: Updated Populate Miscellaneous Items to allow for more than one item to be pulled when selecting date and time queries for collection.
      • MAGIC, CS): Updates made to check test results (VTE Confirmed) between order date and discharge instead of admit and discharge for VTE Diagnostic Tests; (CS only) removed function for Meditech Time conversion as the field was already a valid date format.
      • ALL Versions: When using ORM, corrected the table that gathers the ORM dictionary items for capture to link to correct Anesthesia or surgical procedure start and end times.
      • ALL Versions: Added the diagnostic test orders for capture and flag determination. Since most tests require a result, previously only looked for those tests with results, however, some flags just look at the diagnostic test so added those items for capture to set flags appropriately.
      • ALL Versions: Updated logic items that were AND conditions to OR conditions to clean up compile outcomes.  This caused some accounts to incorrectly display in numerator/not met areas when they should be in exclusions.
      • ALL Versions: For VSCIP procedures (via ABS), removed Acmeware's dictionary table and corrected joins and fields related to removal of the dictionary, using pre-compile table (MAG/CS ) or OE dictionary (MAT) with mappings from OE instead. When pulling data from ABS for surgical procedures, added 2 fields so as to properly capture the appropriate date for the surgical procedure.
      • ALL Versions: Replaced query for UFH STOP with Discontinue date if query does not exist on the last release; removed query requirement so discontinue date can be populated.
      • ALL Versions: Added back 2 tables that link the Rxnorm used for UFHSTOP. For date and time capture for UFHSTOP.
      • ALL Versions: Updated logic to reflect correct flag # used for Left Against Medical Advice.
      • ALL Versions: Corrected flag calculation from days to hours for LOS < 24 hours.
      • ALL Versions: Corrected the conversion error when writing the StartRW field to data details for Auditing (stores event date time documented for decision to admit event status).
      • ALL Versions: Corrected flags for Palliative Care that read LTEQ_1hr to read LTEQ_1day (ED and INP flags).
      • ALL Versions: Corrected Aspirin Allergen flags to read 'Before or During' visit, previously just 'During' visit.