OneView Physician Quality Release Notes

What's New in OneView Physician Quality 5.0.2

Release Date: Monday, August 13, 2018

Fixes: (for all platforms unless specified)

Please Note: Customer Support Tickets referenced below may be Acmeware client specific and are not visible to all client on the Customer Support Portal.

Advancing Care Information (ACI) and Objective Measures (OM):

  • All platforms: Corrected issue with ACI Summary By Group report was showing all zeros for group reporting. Customer Support Ticket: #4084
  • All platforms: Updated numerator calculation for Eprescribing when including controlled prescriptions in calculation. Customer Support Ticket: #4129
  • All platforms: PEA fix to reduce the size of the temporary database and improve compile performance. Impact: All platforms have been updated to compile times to manageable times for performance increases.
  • All platforms: Some parts of CPOE are pulling a 1 for measure met instead of the integer type as date. Impact: All CPOE numbers 0 for Acute and ambulatory. Customer Support Ticket: #4166
  • Expanse only: Corrected issue with calculation for NPI pulling from the local precompiled dictionary to insure we get all providers.
  • CS/MAGIC only: Hospital code in eRX is pulling invalid SourceID.
  • All platforms: MeasureDateTime is null for ePrescribing at some sites. Impact: Users would see 0 for all ACI measures if the measure date time in MEDITECH was invalid.