OneView Hospital Quality Release Notes

What's New in OneView Hospital Quality 5.0.2

Release Date: Thursday, September 13, 2018

Version 5.0.2 adds new functionality and support for Stage 3 Program Requirements for Eligible Hospitals, CAHs and Dual-Eligible Hospitals Attesting to CMS Stage 3 reporting for Objective Measures. We have added a Known Issues resource to the OneView Resource Center.

Here's a summary of what's new in this update:

Program Stage 3 Objectives and Measures for 2018:

Stage 3 Objectives

EP - Electronic Prescribing

PEA - Patient Electronic Access to Health Information

CCTPE - Coordination of Care through Patient Engagement

HIE - Health Information Exchange

CPOE - Computerized Provider Order Entry

Crosswalk between Stage 2 and 3:

Known Issues:

  • We have added a Known Issues resource to the OneView Resource Center.

New Features and Enhancements: (for all platforms unless specified)

Manage Dictionaries:

  • Updated dictionary name from Location Exclusion to Exclude Locations. This dictionary allows for exclusion of locations (ex. psych and rehab units) being reported for Objective Measure.


  • Added tooltips and header descriptions for each dictionary item to provide more information regarding how the items works and what measures they apply to.

  • Updated dictionary folders to organize dictionary items into folders by measures, if applicable.

Objective Measures:

  • Stage 3: CPOE Diagnostic Imaging– This measure utilizes the existing CPOE manage dictionary to allow users to add additional Radiology categories for diagnostic imaging.

QRDA Reporting:

  • QRDA updates in preparation for submissions.

Fixes: (for all platforms unless specified)

Please Note: Customer Support Tickets referenced below may be Acmeware client specific and are not visible to all clients on the Customer Support Portal.


  • Objective Measure Trend: Under the dashboards folder, corrected an issue with the trendline scope for Patient Electronic Access measure 2. Customer Support Ticket: #2222, #2643
  • CQM Summary: Corrected header in report for VTE-1 Denominator Exclusions (previously read Exceptions).

Manage Dictionary:

  • MAGIC Only: The Race (Map System) dictionary has been corrected to show Assigned text box items; previously was blank.
  • Corrected typo on ‘Neuraxial’ in the procedures dictionary under VTE.
  • Corrected typo on ‘Ethnicity’ in the supplemental dictionary.
  • Corrected issue by adding DAbsService to the lookup for Non-Acute Care Services. MEDITECH is looking to this new area for Service exclusions. Impact: Should find Services that were not in DMisService dictionary as some service options were not found in MIS. Customer Support Ticket: #4475

Clinical Quality Measures (CQM):

  • ALL:
  • Update CQM collection logic for collecting Exam data - requirements changed Exam Performed to Assessment Performed. Customer Support Ticket: #4233
  • Correct references in Supplemental Data capture for measures that referenced an invalid source ID. Impact: Demographic data collection may be limited if patient is not found. Customer Support Ticket: #3076
  • Eliminated items where MEDITECH allowed empty dates for items in PCM application query data captured, as items must have dates in QRDA reports. Customer Support Ticket: #2230
  • Corrected issue with patients who had multiple answers for their race recorded being reported incorrectly, now we are pulling latest updated race. Impact: Patient who had multiple answers for their race could have been reported incorrectly. The ordering was not handling the race.
  • VTE-1/2:  Medications for numerators were not correctly setting flags due to typos in name or flag processing order. Impact: VTE-1 and VTE-2 numerator flags not being set, so may pick up more patients in numerator for meds admin or med admin/order contras.
  • MAGIC only:
    • Corrected a syntax issue for Race dictionary to function as intended when setting items. Impact: Items in this dictionary would appear to be missing. Customer Support Ticket: #3135
  • Expanse and MAT only:
    • Corrected issue with discharged medications have different actions for 'medications continued on discharge’. Impact: OneView will report more medications at discharge for all measures that look for this category in specifications. Customer Support Ticket: #4385