OneView Hospital Quality Release Notes

What's New in OneView Hospital Quality 5.0.2

Pre-Release Date: Thursday, September 6, 2018

Version 5.0.2 adds new functionality and support for Stage 3 Program Requirements for Eligible Hospitals, CAHs and Dual-Eligible Hospitals Attesting to CMS Stage 3 reporting for Objective Measures. We have added a Known Issues resource to the OneView Resource Center.

Here's a summary of what's new in this update:

Program Stage 3 Objectives and Measures for 2018:

Stage 3 Objectives

EP - Electronic Prescribing

PEA - Patient Electronic Access to Health Information

CCTPE - Coordination of Care through Patient Engagement

HIE - Health Information Exchange

CPOE - Computerized Provider Order Entry

Crosswalk between Stage 2 and 3:

Known Issues:

  • We have added a Known Issues resource to the OneView Resource Center.

New Features and Enhancements: (for all platforms unless specified)

Manage Dictionaries:

  • Updated dictionary name from Location Exclusion to Exclude Locations. This dictionary allows for exclusion of locations (ex. psych and rehab units) being reported for Objective Measure.


  • Added tooltips and header descriptions for each dictionary item to provide more information regarding how the items works and what measures they apply to.

  • Updated dictionary folders to organize dictionary items into folders by measures, if applicable.

Objective Measures:

  • Stage 3: CPOE Diagnostic Imaging– This measure utilizes the existing CPOE manage dictionary to allow users to add additional Radiology categories for diagnostic imaging.

QRDA Reporting:

  • QRDA updates in preparation for submissions.

Fixes: (for all platforms unless specified)

Please Note: Customer Support Tickets referenced below may be Acmeware client specific and are not visible to all clients on the Customer Support Portal.


  • Objective Measure Trend: Under the dashboards folder, corrected an issue with the trendline scope for Patient Electronic Access measure 2. Customer Support Ticket: #2222, #2643
  • CQM Summary: Corrected header in report for VTE-1 Denominator Exclusions (previously read Exceptions).

Manage Dictionary:

  • MAGIC Only: The Race (Map System) dictionary has been corrected to show Assigned text box items; previously was blank.
  • Corrected typo on ‘Neuraxial’ in the procedures dictionary under VTE.
  • Corrected typo on ‘Ethnicity’ in the supplemental dictionary.
  • Corrected issue by adding DAbsService to the lookup for Non-Acute Care Services. MEDITECH is looking to this new area for Service exclusions. Impact: Should find Services that were not in DMisService dictionary as some service options were not found in MIS. Customer Support Ticket: #4475

Objective Measures (OM):

  • Health Information Exchange (HIE) Measure:
    • Updated HIE reporting to include an option to define what messages should be excluded as failed exchanges reported by the HISP/HIE. Customer Support Ticket: #3186
  • Electronic Prescribing (EP):
    • MAGIC/CS only: Electronic prescribing is reporting met for prescriptions outside of the reporting period. Meds are showing on a visit due to med rec, but not necessarily a new eRx, so we updated the way this information is collected. Impact: we only want to show activity on the order of the medication that occurred during the measurement period.  Activity was included in the measurement period that shouldn't have been. The denominator population will decrease because less meds will be included.
    • Corrected issue for Over-The-Counter (OTC) medications to pull from the Drugs dictionary instead of the details dictionary. Customer Support Ticket: #4209

Clinical Quality Measures (CQM):

  • ALL:
  • Update CQM collection logic for collecting Exam data - requirements changed Exam Performed to Assessment Performed. Customer Support Ticket: #4233
  • Correct references in Supplemental Data capture for measures that referenced an invalid source ID. Impact: Demographic data collection may be limited if patient is not found. Customer Support Ticket: #3076
  • Eliminated items where MEDITECH allowed empty dates for items in PCM application query data captured, as items must have dates in QRDA reports. Customer Support Ticket: #2230
  • Corrected issue with patients who had multiple answers for their race recorded being reported incorrectly, now we are pulling latest updated race. Impact: Patient who had multiple answers for their race could have been reported incorrectly. The ordering was not handling the race.
  • VTE-1/2:  Medications for numerators were not correctly setting flags due to typos in name or flag processing order. Impact: VTE-1 and VTE-2 numerator flags not being set, so may pick up more patients in numerator for meds admin or med admin/order contras.
  • MAGIC only:
    • Corrected a syntax issue for Race dictionary to function as intended when setting items. Impact: Items in this dictionary would appear to be missing. Customer Support Ticket: #3135
  • Expanse and MAT only:
    • Corrected issue with discharged medications have different actions for 'medications continued on discharge’. Impact: OneView will report more medications at discharge for all measures that look for this category in specifications. Customer Support Ticket: #4385