The OneView Hospital Quality Reporting Package is designed to meet all of a healthcare organization's quality initiative program reporting and data submission requirements for hospital-based activity. This presently includes the CMS EHR Eligible Hospital and Critical Access Hospital (EH/CAH) Meaningful Use (MU) Reporting Program, CMS Hospital Inpatient Quality Reporting (IQR) Program, and The Joint Commission ORYX® Quality Initiative Program. Support for each quality program must be licensed separately within the OneView Hospital Quality Reporting Package.

The Hospital Quality Reporting Package is designed for Customers using a MEDITECH HCIS MAGIC, CS, 6.0, and Expanse systems where the MEDITECH Data Repository (DR) application has been implemented. Package license fees are inclusive of the consulting services and custom Transact-SQL code development necessary to identify and report required data within a MEDITECH DR system.  Data values and coding, including ONC Value Set nomenclature mapping, are dictated by the configuration and specific business practices of a healthcare organization. If data extraction, translation and/or integration of third-party (non-DR based) data is necessary, an additional scope-of-work document and cost estimate is required. The OneView Hospital Quality Reporting Package includes implementation services, data validation services, report generation and management features embedded in OneView as well as a comprehensive set of program-specific reports.

The Hospital Quality tab

This tab provides access to a complete set of actions for reporting, validation, analysis, and attestation:

Report on Meaningful Use, Inpatient Quality Reporting (IQR), ORYX

Choose a report to render when application starts

Manage user report preferences and subscriptions

Manage alerts and notifications

Manage dictionary assignment

Report access is used to assign permissions to user and/or groups to access reports

Hospital Settings sets the default attributes associated with the current attestation reporting period

Allows a User to have Administrator rights for emergency situations

Manage attestation submissions and historical snapshots

View user audit logs containing PHI