OneView Release Notes

What's New in OneView

Release Date: Monday, April 29, 2013

New Features and Enhancements:

Attestation: Updates were made to the Attestation Archive feature to take a snapshot of all Patient-Level reportable data and identifiable PHI included with each summary report, all dictionary items and queries, and all Core Measures, Menu Set Measure and Clinical Quality Measure responses for the Attestation period defined. Once the attestation record is locked users are able to view and printout a summary of the reportable results. Updates were made to upload relevant supporting documentation to support your attention filing.

Meaningful Use Package:

MSM-5: Some patients that should be considered may be excluded because they do not have any multiple queries documented. The logic has been updated to include these patients in the measure.

CM-1: Updated orders logic to not include Unverified, Cancelled, and Uncollected status. In addition, enhancements made to logic for order source field.

STK: Enhancements made to exclusions for Elective Carotid Admit Priority.

VTE Exclusions: Enhancement made to Orders logic to removed join to single query table where there are multiple query tables.


Reporting: Updated Patient Summary report to refer to all Inpatient Observation patients as Observation.

Manage Dictionaries: Updated Javascript error issue.