OneView Release Notes

What's New in OneView

Release Date: August 19, 2013

New Features and Enhancements:

Reports: The Patient Summary report reference to ‘Inpatient Observation’ was updated to ‘Observation’. We received feedback from clients that ‘Observation’ was the proper term.

Meaningful Use Package:

VTE: Corrected issues with VTE Eligible instances. We identified instances where the VTE Eligible was lower due to the requirement of “Warfarin At Discharge” in Denominator. Since we use the denominator to determine Eligible Instance counts, we moved the criteria to the numerator. This would have also been ignoring the exclusions for “No Warfarin At Discharge”.


Manage Dictionaries:

We corrected an issue in Manage Dictionaries that limited the number of values that could be saved (displayed under the “Assigned” column as in any Medication/RxNorm or similar dictionary). The issue restricted the number of accepted values to 200 when saved if more than 200 values were listed in the “Assigned” column.  Other dictionaries types (general Query/Response items) were not affected.