OneView Hospital Quality Release Notes

What's New in OneView Hospital Quality 4.1.11

Release Date: Monday, June 27, 2016

Acmeware is pleased to announce that our OneView Hospital Quality package version 4.1.11 is available for general release. Version 4.1.11 adds new functionality and support for the latest 2015 eCQM specifications from CMS, updated value sets from the NLM Value Set Authority Center, and updated clinical best practices guidance from MEDITECH.  Here's a summary of what's new in this update:

New quality programs: In addition to Meaningful Use, OneView Hospital Quality (HQ) now also supports eCQM eReporting to both the CMS Hospital Inpatient Quality (IQR) and the Joint Commission ORYX programs. IQR and ORYX submissions are available with a license upgrade for existing Meaningful Use clients. New workflow associated with the 2015 value sets will need to be reviewed and incorporated to ensure that these items are accurately configured for this new release. If you haven't already done so, please contact your Consultant Analyst for more information.

Electronic submission:  OneView now supports eReporting of the Clinical Quality Measures for Meaningful Use, IQR and ORYX using the June 2015 NLM Value Set Authority Center specifications.

New reports:  We've added new reports to help validate and analyze your nomenclature mapping and value set usage, identify gaps and deficiencies in your IMO and MEDITECH mappings. You’ll be able to quickly identify your MEDITECH dictionaries’ CQM coverage on any relevant measure, value set, and code.  We've created new benchmark reporting to track performance against nationally recognized thresholds,  and new dashboards to provide dynamic and visually pleasing measure summaries.

New Features/Enhancements:

  • Objective Measures:
    • Enhancement to exclude prescriptions for durable medical equipment from the OBJ-4 (eRx) denominator.
    • Enhancements to the software for compile performance.
    • For Health Information Exchange (OBJ-5), Transitions of Care excluded emails and/or domains will be excluded from both the numerator and denominator.
  • Clinical Quality Measures:
    • Updated system to prepare for new specification, data capture, and report features.

New Reports:

  • CQM Benchmark Reporting:
    • New scorecard reports to display eCQMs by submission option with indicator for performance and measure benchmarks.
  • CQM Dashboards
    • New dashboard report displays eCQMs by submission option with performance rates relative to benchmarks.
    • New validation reporting to display all CQMs on a single dashboard, MU, IQR and The Joint Commission ORYX.
  • Nomenclature Reporting
    • We've added new reports to help validate and analyze your nomenclature mapping and value set usage, and identify gaps and deficiencies in your IMO and MEDITECH mappings.
    • CQM Workflow Mapping Summary
      • Used to summarizes data populations by logic to identify gaps in nomenclature mapping.
    • Value Set Measure Summary
      • Provides visibility into the MEDITECH nomenclature mappings to display gaps and deficiencies.
    • Query Mapping Summary
      • Provides full nomenclature mapping reporting on all Queries, Queries Responses, Group Responses, Group Mapping, Nomenclature mapping, Interface Mapping to identified what's mapped and what's not.


  • Objective Measures:
    • The Controlled Substances Schedule II-V dictionary now functions correctly for the MAT platform.
    • Corrected issue with MT module reference impacting eRX.