OneView Hospital Quality Release Notes

What's New in OneView Hospital Quality 4.1.12

Release Date: Monday, August 1, 2016

New Features and Enhancements:


  • OneView Administrators now have the ability to sort users in alphabetical order by username or allow sorting by columns.
  • Indexing OneView tables to improve performance when collecting Service/Accommodation in ADM.
  • Performance improvement by moving nomenclature data into a OneView table with better indexing (affects compile run time, not report results).
  • Added performance enhancement to OneView CQM Compile that will minimally write to the transaction log while CQM job is running.
  • Performance improvement during data collection of queries for each MT version - does not affect numbers, only compile run time.
  • Nomenclature mapping data is now cached in OneView with better indexing for performance improvement.
  • OneView now only collects data for measures that are enabled which will reduce size of database and increase performance.

Clinical Quality Measures:

  • For sites with different or multiple HCIS modules/applications, like Surgery Scheduling or EDM, OneView now automatically checks for that functionality and alleviates need for custom changes.
  • OneView now checks EDM status events for a final event for ED departure when previously looking to final status event date may have been a custom code change.


  • Added dictionary for the Admit Priority instead of editing the OneView code if value should change.
  • Added Order category to OneView dictionaries that required OE/ORM procedure capture which sped up compile of procedures.
  • Added dictionary collection of Newborn substance administration and will process this accordingly.
  • Added dictionary collection of Newborn birth date/time queries as it requires time component and will now process this accordingly.
  • Dictionary items that were MT platform specific (MAT, CS, MAGIC) now only show items required for each MT platform.


  • Value Set Mapping report(s) now include attribute information for 2015 specifications.


Objective Measures:

  • Corrected invalid database references in MAT61 code when selecting OM Order providers.

Clinical Quality Measures:

  • Corrected issue with STK-5 numerator section as logic was not rolling up numerator correctly.  Should now see patients in the Numerator where previously they did not appear.
  • Intermediate fix for sites with multiple facilities; allows capture of any modules/applications that may not currently be set up within Hospital Settings.  Updates to Hospital settings coming with future release.
  • Corrected issue where Communication flags were not updated to reflect new specification items for “Provider To Patient” change.  Patients should now meet Communication items (STK-8, VTE-5, Asthma) if documented.
  • ONC Administrative Sex value set was incorrectly named when being collected for supplemental data and has been corrected.  These values should start showing up in data collection but are not yet visible on any reports.
  • Median time calculations for ED Measures did not get modified with 4.1.11 update.  Numbers for median times should be calculated correctly now.
  • The compile job had an invalid reference which caused it to error and not complete.  Fixed reference.
  • Corrected table differences in PDOC data between MAGIC and CS.  Should not give error now when compiling data for PDOC.
  • Error with duplicate entries for certain NUR queries; Added a new column for capture during compile to eliminate compile error.
  • Labs (prior to current visit) are now collecting data 90 days prior for new 2015 specs instead of 30 days prior for 2013 specs.
  • Corrected invalid database references in function that compares the dates for flags.
  • Corrected comment sections in various procedures with invalid database references.  No effect on reporting numbers.


  • Corrected all dictionary references for MAT61 code that was using MAT60 references.
  • Corrected all dictionary references to use DMisQueries instead of DEdmEvents.
  • Changed each dictionary collection for Mapping items in order to select multiple entries for one mapping item if needed.


  • Column lengths were increased for descriptions in mapping reports for Nomenclature capture/report display.