OneView Hospital Quality Release Notes

What's New in OneView Hospital Quality 4.1.9

Release Date: Wednesday, January 13, 2016

New Features and Enhancements:

Hospital Quality (Version 4.1.9):

  • Calculation Engine:
    • Objective Measures:
      • Summary of Care follow-up Query check now checks for a 'Y' Response rather than QueryID IS NOT NULL.
      • The OmOrd_ErxAuditFields table is now populated in the OneView data mart compilation (MAT 6.1)
      • The OM Initial Population procedure now includes all patients/visits through the end of the day of the Compilation End Date.
      • Updates to MAT to look to both the RegAcctQuery_Result and AdmVisitClinicalQueries tables for all queries (MAT).
  • Reporting:
    • The descriptions for Objective Measures OBJ-3b (Lab) and OBJ-3c (Rad) were transposed and have been corrected.
    • Updated the Measure Description for Objective Measure 5 to ‘Electronically transmit a summary care record to a receiving setting of care or provider of care for each transition of care or referral.’
    • The procedure that builds the list of Visit Providers for the OneView reports by Attending Physician now look to the appropriate ADM and MIS SourceIDs identified in the OneView Hospital Settings page.
    • Updates to the Objective and Clinical Quality Measure audit compliance reports for a locked submission to include matching the drill down totals tot the numerator and denominator totals.


  • Calculation Engine:
    • Objective Measures:
      • Modify join to the tbMU_OM_DataRxmPats table when calculating Medication Reconciliation performance; make use of the RXM SourceID selected in Hospital Settings (MAGIC/CS).